Blackjack Odds

Getting a firm grip of blackjack strategy is one of the many steps to mastering blackjack. You also need to understand how the House obtains its edge and how this helps the casino to win. Therefore it is vital to understanding not just your odds but also the dealer’s odds of getting a particular number or hitting blackjack or your chances of busting.

On an average, a player will win 44% of the time while the dealer wins 48% of the time and 8% of the hands will end up in a tie. Whilst it would appear that a player will always lose more money than win, these odds are changed when taking into consideration factors like doubling up, splitting and most importantly, the fact that the payout on blackjack is a 3 to 2. It is therefore possible to reduce the house’s advantage.

Understanding blackjack odds will help you decide when to double, when to hit or stand, when to split or surrender or even opt for insurance.

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