Win £1,000,000 at Caesars Casino

Written by admin on April 3rd, 2012. Posted in News

Caesars Casino Online is offering a unique promotion to blackjack players who will have the opportunity to win an incredible £1,000,000 prize. The £1,000,000 Blackjack promotion is open to UK residents and the offer is valid for new and existing members.

The promotion started on April 1st and will run till midnight on Monday 14th April 2012. Winning the bounty could not be easier as it will be awarded to the first player who obtains 6 consecutive Blackjacks in a single game of single deck Blackjack during the promotional period.

For the purpose of this promotion a valid Blackjack will be defined as any combination of a face card and an ace adding up to 21. If the case of a draw where both the player and the dealer come up with a Blackjack, the streak will be reset.

Winning a £1,000,000 has never been so easy considering that the minimum stake per game is only set to £1. This means that with only a few pounds worth of wagers, one lucky player out there could soon find himself becoming a millionaire.

Join Caesars Casino and head straight to the blackjack tables where a life-altering bounty could be awaiting.


Written for Online Blackjack by Amy


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